ZWC 3 Weekend begins in

Challenge #7

Shadows of Evil

Round 30 Speedrun

SoloPlayer Limit
SpeedrunChallenge Type
Apr 11 2021Tournament Deadline

Match Information

Reach Round 30 on “Shadows of Evil” with the fastest time possible. Clock starts when player is loaded into the map and HUD appears, and ends once the round 30 counter animation ends on the HUD. Multiple game submissions per registered player with a Player Pass are allowed until the challenge deadline has been reached.

Game Rules

Challenge clan tag is required to upload valid gameplay. Submit your time using the HOUR:MINUTE:SECOND format. Fast restarts are allowed (map restart is not allowed). Must show pre-game lobby before starting a match. Gameplay must be recorded via livestream playback. Your video title must include “#ZWC3”. A good video title template to use is “#ZWC3 / (CHALLENGE NAME) / (CLAN TAG CODE)”. A timer is recommended, but if you cannot overlay an elapsed timer on your gameplay, you may still submit your video with the risk of your score posting later than usual. All videos must be set to public.

Requirements Xbox/PlayStation/PC, YouTube/Twitch account
Map/Game Shadows of Evil (Black Ops 3)
Match Format Solo Speedrun
Clan Tag [S7S3]
  • Pausing not allowed
  • Classic Gobblegums
  • No Shadowman Round Skip

Any form of hacking, glitching, or cheating found within gameplay submissions are subject to record rejection and may lead to player disqualification from the Online Event, ZWI, and/or ZWC3 Finals. Player Passes purchased from disqualified players will not be refunded.


SHADOWS OF EVIL Round 30 Speedrun
zombie dawg29:17

UPDATE: Due to a large amounts of high-scoring submissions, trailing scores (i.e. 2nd – 10th place) will be added to the leaderboards at a later time.

Leaderboards updated every Sunday, once a week. Top 10 scores submitted before the end of the previous Friday will be posted for each Leaderboard update. Any gameplay under second evaluation may get postponed until the next leaderboard update.