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Frequently Asked Questions

The ZWC (Zombies World Championship) is the largest Call of Duty gaming event catered around the popular Zombies mode. Players will compete online to qualify for the grand ZWC Finals in Las Vegas, NV, USA at the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, where a large prize pool is up for grabs by 16 of the best players from the Online Tournament and Zombies World Invitational.

Players compete in an online qualifer called the “Online Tournament” against other Zombies players around the world. Each competitor records their gameplay in any of the presented challenges and submits their video link and match results. The top player from each challenge by the end of the Online Tournament gets chosen to compete in the Finals, where they will battle against other winners, in-person or remotely, for a piece of a large prize pool.

You must be at least 13 years old to compete in the Online Tournament. There is no age restriction to attend the live event in Las Vegas. You are more than welcome to bring a parent/guardian with you to the live event.

All Online Tournament winners are qualified to win a piece of a $30,000 prize pool, which means walking away with money no matter what overall rank you get in the Finals. Winners will also get:

  • 4-night stay at the Luxor Hotel & Casino during Finals weekend (June 24th – June 28th, 2021)*
  • Paid air travel to Las Vegas for the Finals**

*Due to travel restrictions imposed by several countries according to the effects of COVID-19, only winners from the United States will be able to get air travel and lodging.

**Travel only paid for the individual winners. Travel for parents/guardians/extra people will not be paid for.

Yes, any Online Tournament winner that wishes to compete in the Finals can do so from home. This is also extended to non-U.S. winners that are unable to come to the Finals in-person due to travel restrictions and ZWC travel protocols.

To sign up for the ZWC 3 Online Tournament, you must purchase a Player Pass. The pass gives you access to each of the Online Tournament challenges and, when the tournament begins on March 15th 2021, official rules and information. From then on, you can submit your gameplay to place on the challenge leaderboards.

Once you are registered to compete in the ZWC3 Online Tournament, you will need the following to correctly submit your gameplay entry:

  • Video game console (Xbox One/Series X, Playstation 4/5, PC)
  • Full-footage game recording software (most consoles come with streaming/recording capabilities)
  • Public YouTube/Twitch account

You may be required to download specific game titles and/or DLC in order to compete in specific challenges. You are not required to compete in all challenges – choose how many number of challenges you want to compete in.

First, thanks for being a part of ZWC3! We’re excited to see how you perform in the Online Tournament.

During this time until the Online Tournament begins, you can start practicing the challenges that are made available right now. Note: Pre-recorded runs done prior to the Online Tournament starting are not valid for submission. See the next question for details.

While each challenge has a specific ruleset pertaining to their challenge type, here are the general rules that all challenges follow:

  • No cheating/hacking/exploiting/glitching. This includes (but is not limited to): altering gameplay video(s) that deviates from actual game results, modifying game files, abusing in-game mechanics that were unintended by the game developers, using glitch spots that may cause the player to be invincible, etc.
  • The player submitting the challenge must also be the same person who performed in the gameplay video.
  • Pre-recorded challenge runs done prior to the Online Tournament starting are invalid.
  • All gameplay must be recorded via livestream (Twitch or YouTube) and be made public for playback. Failure to do so will result in your submission being voided.

Special in-game clan tag codes will be used to ensure that all gameplay videos are current. These unique codes will be made available at the start of the Online Tournament.

No, you don’t need to do all the Online Tournament challenges! You can do 1, 3, or even all 8 challenges – it doesn’t matter. You only need to win at least one challenge to advance to the Finals.

The Online Tournament leaderboards will be available to the public starting March 21, 2021, and updated every week onward until the end of the tournament. Scores submitted by the previous Friday will be reflected on each challenge leaderboard.

As many times as you like. Most players will upload additional gameplay throughout the Online Tournament to post a better score.

The Zombies World Invitational (ZWI) is a special tournament that involves ZWC YouTube and/or Twitch content creators battling for 8 seats in the Finals. This exclusive tournament will take place during the Finals weekend in Las Vegas – June 25th, 2021. Information on how to enter the ZWI (if you’re a content creator with at least 500 subscribers on YouTube or Twitch) will be released in the near future. This special division is not related to the Online Tournament.

To attend the Finals live event at the HyperX Esports Arena, you will need a Spectator Pass. Each pass comes with different perks including admission to the Zombies LAN (ZLAN) tournament, VIP seating, exclusive access to watch the ZWI in-person, and more. The Spectator Passes will be available for purchase in April 2021.

If you are bringing a parent/guardian to accompany you, they will not be required to purchase a Spectator Pass. Please let a ZWC official know if you’re doing so ahead of time during the Spectator Pass checkout.

For support on accessing your ZWC account or any technical issues, please contact us so we can help you as soon as possible. For quicker assistance, visit our Discord to get your questions answered by other community members or a ZWC official.