ZWC 3 Weekend begins in

JUNE 25 - JUNE 27




JUNE 25TH - JUNE 27TH, 2021

The biggest showdown in Zombies history is approaching. This year, we’re doing it big — we’re inviting you to play as a ZLAN competitor all weekend with a large $2,000 in Cash and Prizes.

That not enough for you? You’ll be right in the center of the action, while the best Zombies players and YouTubers battle for the title of Zombies World Champion during the ZWI and ZWC 3 Finals. This is going to be a weekend you’ll never forget.

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ZWC is creating the greatest Call of Duty Zombies experience ever with our sponsor, Allied Esports, and their world-famous HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas. Featuring their state-of-the-art arena and technology that is designed to deliver the best gaming experience for players and fans,  HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas is the perfect home for ZWC3, THE Zombies event you don’t want to miss.



The Online Tournament is a public online competition where Zombies players, of all skill levels, compete in any of 8 provided challenges to play in the Finals. The winner from each challenge advances to the Finals, where they can win a piece of a $30,000 Prize Pool. And don’t worry — you don’t need to play in every challenge, you just need to win one of the challenges. Think you got what it takes to be a ZWC Champion?

The tournament has ended.


The Zombies World Invitational (ZWI) is an exclusive live competition with popular Zombies content creators and a few lucky guests competing for 8 seats in the Finals. The ZWI will host a Qualifier open to all content creators with at least 500 subscribers on YouTube or Twitch, where contestants must submit a creative video on why they deserve to be in ZWC3 and compete in a very special Zombies challenge to be selected for the ZWI.

The ZWI Qualifier has ended.


ZWC3 comes packed with a brand new Online Tournament, ZWI, and more — all going down in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

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    ONLINE TOURNAMENT — 03/15 - 04/11

    The Online Tournament returns with 8 new challenges and 8 open seats at the Finals.

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    LIVE IN LAS VEGAS — 06/25 - 06/27

    ZWC3 has a new home for the championship event at the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, June 25th-27th.

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    ZWI MAKES A RETURN — 06/25

    The fan-favorite ZWI returns to determine which Content Creators are going to the Finals.

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ZWC MERCH available NOW

Challenge #1
Round 10 Speedrun
Firebase Z
Challenge #2
Round 25 EXFIL Speedrun
Die Maschine
Challenge #3
Barebones High Round
Ancient Evil
Challenge #4
Easter Egg Speedrun
Challenge #5
First Room High Round
Gorod Krovi
Challenge #6
Easter Egg Speedrun
Shadows of Evil
Challenge #7
Round 30 Speedrun
Challenge #8
High Round

Prize Pool


That’s right – ZWC3 boasts a massive prize pool payout for each Online Tournament Finalist that competes in the Finals

Online Tournament

Battle against the world for 1 of 8 spots in this online qualifier for the ZWC 3 Finals. Only one challenge needs to be won to become a Finalist. All Finalists have the option of competing live in Vegas or remotely during the Finals.

Competitor Placements

Two divisions will compete at the Finals – the eight Online Tournament challenge winners and the eight Zombies World Invitational winners, for a total of 16 finalists. This new ranking system lets you go head-to-head with the ZWI content creators themselves to take a bigger piece of the prize pool.

May the best survivor win.

Prize Pool Breakdown

Payout breakdowns are per person in USD.


1st $10,000

2nd $5,000

3rd $4,000

4th $3,000

5th $2,000

6th $1,250

7th $1,000

8th $750

9th $500

10th $500

11th $500

12th $500

13th $250

14th $250

15th $250

16th $250

*All payouts will be distributed after the ZWC3 Finals

**Payouts sent as digital payments with payment gateways (e.g. PayPal).

Ready to join the Legends?

Leave your mark in Zombies history by battling your way through the Online Tournament and into the ZWC Finals. Take home a piece of a $30,000 Prize Pool and bragging rights as a Zombies World Champion. Your path to being a Zombies Legend all starts here.

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